About Us

Our History

Kayvahn Steck-Bayat MD is a practicing Physician, Surgeon, and Board Certified OB/GYN.  He went into medicine to help patients work towards health and wellbeing.  However, he found that western medicine has largely evolved to be a “disease-care” system rather than a health-care system.  The majority of diseases he “treats” can be prevented by working with the land, growing food, a healthy environment, and living an active lifestyle.  These realizations about western medicine and his long-time passion for Permaculture led him to begin serving his community as a Permaculture Designer, not just a physician.

Kayvahn also observed that so many people in his community are interested in getting a Permaculture Design of their homes, but designs are often expensive, hard to obtain, and offered by few people.  This further perpetuates the socio-economic divide and is a barrier to improving the health of all peoples of his community.

After COVID highlighted the instability of our systems, a widespread dependency on corporate agriculture, and a lack of tangible changes by governmental leadership towards food-resilience, he obtained his Permaculture Design Certification from Geoff Lawton (Permaculture Research Institute, Australia) in 2021-2022 to refine these essential skills for himself and his family.  The family home was converted into a Permaculture Demonstration Site and is a source of inspiration for what is achievable on a small suburban/urban family home.

As a result of the above, Earth and Roots Design was started.