Earth and roots

Making Permaculture Designs quick, easy, beautiful, and affordable to all.

We are a Permaculture Design company that helps clients live regeneratively.  Our designs are easy to implement, maintain, and enjoy.  Contact us below to take the next steps on this journey.



On-site consultations: Brainstorm design ideas, discuss specific challenging areas, question / answer, deep-dive of water / systems/ animals / etc, or however you wish to use the time. We will review your Intake Form before the site visit to maximize use of our time together. Available in Ojai Valley only.
- $125 / 60-75 minutes
- Sliding scale available


Formal comprehensive Permaculture Designs with vector maps, site maps, implementation guide and timelines, earth-work plans, color pallets/concepts, planting lists, etc.
- Priced per project
- Sliding scale available


We can help implement a design with a team of permaculturists. Alternatively, we can facilitate a community volunteer event on the site, incorporating both teaching and implementation. This will reduce costs,increase community involvement, and most importantly provide equitable access to these designs by all people from all communities.

Live regeneratively.